Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear World,

It's Felicity here!!! And Annabeth!!! And some other of your favorite dolls here!!! I am so happy I have a family.....and especially one with a blog I can write in (Felicity)!!! Yah, I wasn't that excited cuz I mean hello I am a gorgoues youtube star who cud resist(Annabeth)? Annabeth stop being "sooooo modest" and let Felicity have a try at the blog(Jess). Fine. But its like 2 days after xmas everyone wants to talk (Annabeth). (Jess gives no response). Ok, so anyway they even welcomed me with MY OWN XMAS PRESENT......Its a dress and its so pretty If you guys were blown away by that you will be super excited to see all the cool stuff mom got, anyway I loved experiencing my own christmas!! We layed out Santa cookies and milk, wrote him a not IT WAS SO COOL they never did anything like that at the american girl place, all they did was decorate..........I cant wait to meet the other dolls Now back to Annabeth so she can tell yall wat they got for xmas (Felicity). Hi guys!! There were only 4 people who asked for things other then Felicity or her dresses lol..... Jess asked for a hair scrunchy ribbon thing.... Chrissa asked for a necklace.... Ruthie asked for a hair ribbon... And Julie asked for a gym set-up and a concession stand for the gym........ Thats it!! OMG!!!!! I forgot Felicity got a blue holiday gown, a riding outfit, a red gala gown, and did I mention shes going to share!! AND the whole family got some pjs to share. Thats it! Like Felicity said I had a great Christmas! I get to star movie with Felicity soon!!! I auditioned the week before christmas so...... Anyway we are having a wonderful Christmas Vacay an so are the rest right girls (Annabeth)? Right! (everyone). We hope you guys r to (Felicity). Love American Girl Dolls Chrissa,Felicity,Jess,Annabeth,and Kit.


  1. Hey this is Lola Bean- we have Felicity too!!! Isn't she so pretty? We also got #21, Gwen Thompson (who is now my little sister), Kit Kittredge, another JLY, and the violin set, and a lot of outfits. Have you seen Lanie??? She's gorgeous!!!! :) I just noticed you followed my blog- yes I AM that slow!!!
    Lola Bean :) I followed you!